A Few Factors Make Dry Skin

Free of moisture Skin is quite common in the winters, but many individuals have dry out skin throughout the 12 months. There are several reasons why this may happen. Mostly, you could be making your skin more dry by following the incorrect skin care routine. Dry pores and skin could also be a sign of an underlying pores and skin Dry Skin Imagecondition. Read to know 10 such less popular causes of dry pores and skin.

Use Harsh Soaps

A primary reason that your skin’s getting drier by the day could be due to the consumption of harsh soaps or detergents. Washing clothes, items with them takes away the moisture from your skin and makes it very dry. Also, if you have dry skin area, therefore you wash your hands or face too many times with face wash/liquid soaps, it can further irritate the skin and make it itch.

Idea: Wear gloves while cleaning cookware and use gentle soaps to wash your face/hands. Keep aside lotion next to your soap and moisturize them after you wash them. Here are some more tips to manage dried skin.


One of the initial symptoms of diabetes is dryness in the epidermis. High glucose levels business lead to poor circulation and frequent urination further dehydrates the body. Detecting diabetes mellitus type 2 at an early stage can help you bring it in check with diet improvement and medicine.

Tip: If perhaps you are experiencing drying, particularly in your hands and feet with no reason, this can be a good idea to get yourself tested for diabetes. Here are 15 ways to control diabetes naturally.


In case your skin is exposed to the sunlight too much then the dangerous UV rays can cause scarring damage, leaving it dry and scaly. This kind of is because the Extremely violet rays penetrate below the top layer of the skin and impact the collagen which is in charge of the upkeep of the skin. This results in wrinkles, sagging and also dryness.

Tip: Always applies a good sunscreen before stepping out into the sunlight and wear a head wear or carry an umbrella with you to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

 Long Time Swimming

Swimming is useful for your health, but not so much for your skin and hair. The chlorine present in the water isn’t very the primary culprit if it is added based on the collection norm, but over-chlorinated swimming pools can cause harm. Very long hours in the pool remove the oily coating of your skin which locks in moisture.

Dry Skin ImageHint: Apply a good moisturizing lotion or cream before and after you are swimming. Try to limit your swim time to 45 minutes. Read expert tips to shield your skin and hair from swimming destruction. Your skin is ageing

Women nearing 40 will often find their skin getting drier than usual. This is because the skin starts losing its elasticity, in other words, it starts to mature. You can also find the appearance of other ageing signs – fine lines, wrinkles etc. Even women with oily skin will feel their skin getting dry.

Tip: In order to control this, opt for hydrating creams/lotions. Start using anti-ageing serums and pick products that are water-based as it will ensure that your skin remains hydrated. You could also try these anti-ageing potions.

On Medication

If you suffer from an illness and are on strong medications, you could feel your skin getting itchy and dry. This is due to the strong dose of your medicine. In order to cure this kind of dryness, you need to improve your diet.

Tip: Eat raw fruits and salads, drinks lots of water and avoid junk food. You also need to moisturize your skin well in order to stop the itchiness. Here’s how you can moisturize your skin naturally.

Suffer Skin Condition

Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema occur more often in people who have dry skin. If your skin is too itchy and sore and you see patchy red spots, you could be suffering from a milder form of psoriasis. Eczema is a term broadly used for various skin conditions with symptoms like flaky, dry, blistered skin.

Tip: Go to a dermatologist if you have dry skin and rashes too often to understand your skin condition. Use fragrant-free and odorless skin products. Read more about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis.

Frequent Hot Showers

In case you are into taking long, hot showers, your skin is at risk of getting dry as the water influences the epidermis (top skin layer) which has keratin and a layer of olive oil which helps retain dampness. The heat of the shower mixed with cleaning soap strips this layer and moisture escapes your pores and skin leaving it dry. The longer and hotter the shower is, the more dry your skin can get. If perhaps you already have dried out skin, the shower will worsen it.

Tip: Wash with lukewarm water and once you pat dried yourself, apply moisturizer on damp skin. This will help it absorb better and lock in the moisture. You could also try these homemade remedies for dry skin.


You could be struggling with hypothyroidism, which can cause your pores and skin to become dry. With this condition, the thyroid glands produce less thyroid bodily hormones, which lessen the activity of the oil and sweat glands which lead to dry skin. Tip : Keep your skin well-moisturized at all times, especially in the winter. Make sure you take your medication on time regularly.

Less Humidity

When the weather gets too cold or too hot with low or no humidity, it causes the skin to become dry. The condition is aggravated when there are radiators and heaters indoors. The moisture is completely lost and the constant hot and cold blow irritates the skin even further.

Tip: The solution is to moisturize the skin as often as possible. Keeping a bowl filled with water near the radiator to make the room more humid is also a good idea. Follow these 7 tips to prevent your skin from looking dull.

7 tips to make dull skin glow!

Find out the top ways to reduce the dullness.

Even after using all those costly cosmetics and following the tips which your friendly neighborhood beautician gives you, do you end up with dull-looking skin? Here are some practical tips that really work!

Tips to reduce skin dullness

Dry Skin ImageHydrate: First things first, hydrate yourself and your skin. Make sure you drink ample amounts of water as it clears out toxins from it. Also, using moisturizing products will help in its upkeep which will make sure that it does not dry out or look dull.

Breathe: Yes, a simple way to get more oxygen into your system and also the glow back is to breathe. If you think you breathe all the time and your skin is still dull, you may want to try breathing exercises like pranayam, anulom vilom, etc.

Cleanse: Make it a point to cleanse your skin in the morning and night to remove make-up, dust and any other impurities from it. Also, go for regular cleanups which involves a massage and a pack and will improve blood circulation to the skin.

Eat healthy: Making a few dietary changes such as reducing the consumption of oily, junk food and drinking less and quitting smoking will go a long way in clearing the dullness.

Exercise: Exercising helps in better blood circulation and getting good oxygen in your body. When you work out, you also sweat, which releases toxins and all these combined efforts lead to a glow in your skin.

Beauty treatments: Certain beauty treatments can bring back the lost sheen in your skin. These include dermarollers, skin peels, etc. It is a good idea to get your skin analyzed by a professional before you opt for any of these to select the one best-suited for your skin.

Home remedies: If you do not want to shell out a lot of money, you can opt for face packs made using home remedies like fruits and vegetables to bring the glow back and reduce dullness. Watch this space for home remedies for dull skin.

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